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Ants and Mosquitoes and Ticks, oh my!

This morning I stepped barefoot across the stone floor, moving out of the bedroom to greet the new day, and what did my wandering feet behold? A small pile of grit in the doorway, grit that wasn't there when I went to bed. I looked up to see a new hole in my star-vault stone ceiling, a hole made by ants chomping through the stones. I didn't actually see any ants this morning, but I saw them last summer, marching across the ceiling and chewing the stone, and far too frequently falling into bed with me! No one told me about this when I expressed my romantic fantasy of living in an old European stone farmhouse. And this morning I wonder why there is a "yuck factor" to ants falling into my bed that I don't feel when my three little dogs burrow between the sheets! 

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Madame Anne's Predictions for 2012

First, an editorial comment. Time magazine’s 2011 person of the year is not Steve Jobs, as we might have expected, but The Protestor. I count myself a member of this corporate person because I finally took a big and necessary risk. There are seven billion human ways to join ranks. Do it your way for a change. I’m not joking when I say that you house all the creativity of the universe, so use it. Just be you and try doing something new and interesting because it feels good.

Madame Anne’s predictions: The year 2012 will be a year of great transformation, the end of an era. This is my first prediction.

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