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Spirit Unleashed—nominated for the 2015 Pulitzer Prize in non-fiction!

Anne Benvenuti, author

Spirit Unleashed: Reimagining Human-Animal Relations is available now!
And I'm excited to be working on my next book, Kindred Spirits: details soon.

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Spirit Unleashed

"Spirit Unleashed is a most important book for showing how misleading it is to believe and to live as if there is a great divide between us and other beings. When we pay close attention to what we know about the cognitive, emotional, and moral lives of other animals and when we listen to what they want and need from us. . . it is easy to choose to live in close, respectful, and peaceful coexistence with them. Rewilding our hearts is a natural path for achieving a broad natural spirituality in which all beings will benefit from sharing our magnificent planet. Anne Benvenuti poignantly shows how true this is."

—Marc Bekoff, author of Rewilding Our Hearts

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Animal Family

My work is about human-animal relations. Rapid and far reaching changes in human-animal relations are creating what I call the greatest story on Earth. Yes, we humans are coming home to a family that we didn't know we had, or perhaps had forgotten. This is what I'm writing about: that we're finally rejecting the idea that we're superior, and we're understanding that we're kin. Learning to see other animals not as objects in our world but as subjects in their own is compelling—and yes, challenging! What is it like to be an elephant? Or a baby cheetah? We have to do the science, and we have to listen!

I've created a new Facebook group about this, and I'm inviting you to join it!

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Yes, that's my hand!

You can read about this beautiful young whale—whom I encountered in the wilds of Mexico's Magdalena Bay—in chapter 5 of Spirit Unleashed.

Here's a short excerpt of my story about her:

"There, I was a whale's toy, but never a thing tossed about, always a being whose needs were being taken into account. The whale recognized that I was an animal who was interested in her, as she was interested in me. I might mention that this is a good enough description of a soul-encounter for my purposes. When was the last time someone recognized your interest in her and returned that by being interested in you?"

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